Measure M needs 66.7% support from local voters to pass, which is why we count on people like you to volunteer and give a few hours of your time to this important campaign. We count on volunteers like you to help achieve victory for our students and teachers, and your help is critical to our campaign. Help us retain our excellent programs! Get your friends to join you!

3 important ways to help with the campaign:

PHONING: By reaching out to voters in our community, we can convey the importance of protecting the quality academic programs and high student achievement in our local schools. Sign up here.

LAWN SIGNS: We will be distributing lawn signs the week of September 15th and have a limited number of signs to display in high visibility areas for greater impact. If you’re able to help deliver signs or house signs in your home, let us know! To request lawn signs for your home, click here.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: The more money we raise, the more we can spend on important outreach tools like mailers, texting, lawn signs, social media ads and more! Please consider making a contribution to help Measure M. 

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